5 best adrenaline attractions for kids


Do your children crave adventure and you would also like to experience a bit of action-packed fun? We have prepared a list of five attractions that will please any adventurous young soul.

Bobsleigh tracks

Bobsleigh tracks are a classic form of entertainment for both the young and old. The carts are for one or two persons, so you can either drive on your own or together with your offspring. Modern bobsleighs are usually equipped with rubber wheels and efficient brakes, so you don't have to worry about the safety of your kids.

High Ropes Courses

Do you feel that your children have adrenaline pumping through their veins? In that case, you have to take them to one of our high ropes courses. They offer attractions for various age categories, so everyone will find something that floats their boat, whether it's a little climber, bowman or trampoline jumper. The high ropes courses are often surrounded by beautiful nature, so you can get some fresh air after a challenging adrenaline day.

Bungee Trampoline

An attraction for both the little and big ones, you can get rid of excessive stress from work and your kids will have a good romp. On the bungee trampoline, you will experience the feeling of bungee jumping, but with one significant difference. You don't have to worry about the safety of your offspring because they are secured at all times and will always land on a soft trampoline.

Mountain Scooters

Terrain scooters will thrill any adrenaline lover. You can mostly find them in places surrounded by mountains and beautiful nature. On the way up, you can turn your trip into a family hike, enjoying the surrounding nature. It is not a secret that children might not be enthusiastic about hiking trips. However, if you promise them that the way down will be much more fun, they will do the hike with a smile on their face.

Family Flight - fly together as a familytím hurricane factory

Undoubtedly, flying in a wind tunnel is one of the greatest adrenaline experiences, and it’s also suitable for children. You can fly together as a family, or compete with each other. You can even call your grandma and grandpa because anyone can handle the Family Flight, from a 5-year old up to a pensioner. The package contains three flights which may be divided among two adults and one child under 12 years.

Are you worried that you might not be able to do it? No worries! Our coaches will instruct both you and your child and we will also lend you all necessary equipment.


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