Base jumping – madness or courage?


Base jumpers jump off buildings. Base jumping may be compared to parachute jumping with one (quite significant) difference. You are not jumping off a plane several kilometres up in the air, but from objects on earth, such as skyscrapers, radio towers or rocks. Because they are jumping from a lower height and there is a higher risk that things could go wrong, base jumpers are called crazies.

The title itself tells us a lot about what's going on. In addition to being the actual "base", the word BASE also identifies the objects base jumpers may jump from.

B – Building,
A – Antenna (antennas or pylons),
S – Span (bridges or cableways),
E – Earth (including rocks, trees, etc.).

Base jumping has its roots in skydiving. Skydiving means that you are jumping out of a plane, falling freely. for a long time before opening your parachute. There is one significant difference between base jumping and skydiving. You are jumping from lower heights; therefore, the jump is much shorter and more dangerous.

This is also proved by the statistics. Since 1981, when base jumping originated, roughly 275 people have died while jumping, which is a truly staggering number. It is almost fascinating that in spite of being one of the most dangerous adrenaline sports in the world, it still has a huge number of fans.

Why does height matter so much?

Again, we will use the comparison to skydiving. Whereas in skydiving jumpers have enough time to reach a high speed and use aerodynamics to manage their flight direction during free fall, base jumping works on a completely different principle. It often happens that the jumper fails to reach the speed needed, his flight becomes uncontrollable, and his parachute fails to open. The consequences are most probably obvious.

"Ride a Storm” first-hand

Would you like to experience the feeling of base jumping first-hand but the idea of risking your life is not so appealing to you? We have a great solution for you in the form of our Ride a storm. We can guarantee the experience, which is comparable to four jumps out of a plane, and your fear of heights won't be an issue. In addition to experiencing unforgettable moments, you will surely clear your head and let off steam.


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