Where to take your kids in Liptovský Mikuláš? Try both, swimming and flying


Do you know where to find the real sea and paradise in Slovakia, for adults and children alike? And you don't even need summer. Well, it's in Tatralandia in Liptov! On the first day, you can wear your kids out on the slopes of Jasná, on the second, they can enjoy themselves to the max on the island from the Pirates of the Caribbean, plus, they can also experience flying.

Undoubtedly, Tatralandia is the largest aqua park in Slovakia, and one of the largest in all of Europe. Its quality is best proved by the tourists who continue to arrive in both summer and winter. In addition to giving your kids an unforgettable holiday, you will enjoy yourselves as well.

Many people claim that Tatralandia in winter has even more charm than in summer. No wonder! The Liptov region offers abundant opportunities for how to spend your free time surrounded by beautiful nature. Does it sound like a cliché? The snowy tops of the High Tatras, cold yet fresh air and cheeks pink from the mountain chill will never become a cliché.

After skiing, quickly jump in the "sea"All you need to do is get on the ski bus running in regular intervals, which takes you directly to the slope in Jasná. During the winter months, there are several superior downhill courses waiting for you, both for good skiers and beginners. If you get tired of skiing and notice that you are spending more time in the snack bar holding a tea with rum in your hand, you can take a ride back to Tatralandia with its paradise on Earth waiting for you!

Under the transparent roof of theTropical paradise ,the temperature never drops below 30° C, even if it’s freezing cold outside. You will find an authentic wooden shipwreck here, lying broken by the rock cliff, with genuine coral, glittering shells, and colourful fish swimming around. On land, you can relax under the palm trees.

While you enjoy paradise, your kids will fight against "dangerous" pirates on the Island from the Pirates of the Caribbean! There are also animal-shaped fountains and even a genuine pirate castle with a water drain. And what about water slides? Well, that's not even a question!

Fly, baby, fly!

It's no secret that children often hop from one sort of entertainment to another. Maybe they did have fun in the water world for two hours, but then they start pestering you. Every parent is familiar with that. So, what's next? The wind tunnel!!

In the Hurricane Factory, we have even prepared fun for your youngest ones, from the age of 5. Treat your kids to an unforgettable experience when they will literally fly like Peter Pan. No need to worry that your little ones might not be able to do it. They don't need any previous experience, let alone any special physical preparation. Our professional coaches will ensure that your kids experience moments they will never, ever forget. And we believe that you won’t either.

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