Even women can appreciate an adrenaline gift!


Who said adrenaline was only for men? Women might be softer on the outside, but there is a little devil living inside them who will jump up not only at the notion of a gift but adrenaline as well. If you happen to have such a little devil at home, you should definitely forget the classic gifts.
Are you at a loss for gifts for a woman? She already has a shelf full of perfumes, her clothes cannot fit in the wardrobe anymore, and your kitchen is so overflowing with different pans that you can open your own shop. We have just one piece of advice for you. Let's try to think outside the box and connect the words woman, gift, and adrenaline. We will tell you how to hit as many as three birds with one stone even if there is a "moaning fear" fighting for the main role along with that adrenaline devil.

Experience a jump from a plane without actually having to jump from one

One of the most frequent reasons people never try to parachute jump from a plane is their fear of heights, despite the fact that it might be one of their biggest dreams. Just imagine how that little devil inside your beloved wife, sister or mom is screaming about how she would like to jump, but is held back by that other little creature called Fear, which feels dizzy just thinking about an airplane. Why not make a compromise and present her with the safest dose of adrenaline in Hurricane Factory. This is the place where she will be able to experience for herself what it is like to fly and fight against a hurricane. The air in the wind tunnel flows at a speed of 270 km/h, which is the speed of a real hurricane. Of course, there is one difference: There is no danger here.

It’s like jumping from a cliff, without risking your life.

Imagine you are walking along the beach somewhere in the Caribbean and suddenly you discover a beautiful cliff rising above the azure ocean. The eyes of your fairer half fill with joy for a second, but get sad the very next moment. She would love to jump off the cliff like in the film Blue Lagoon, but there is a catch to it: Fear. There is nothing much you can do about it and no jumping from a cliff will be on the menu, but you can present her with the same feeling.
In the Hurricane Factory wind tunnel, you will experience free-fallas if you had jumped from a ten-metre cliff right into the sea. The only thing your loved one will need is her imagination. And women have plenty of that. :)

Bungee jumping without nightmares

You are standing on the railing of a high bridge connecting the two banks of a raging river. Your leg is fixed to a rope and you are gathering the courage to jump. Then you jump, but the poorly fixed rope comes undone and you are lost in the raging river forever… Don't worry, we are not writing a horror movie script. Fear has many different forms and might prevent us from fulfilling even a dream such as bungee jumping. Does your fairer half dream of bungee jumping, but she's afraid of it? Even in this case, we can bring you the best solution – the Hurricane Factory.
You can rarely conquer fear. However, if you go at it differently, it’s possible to not only "outwit" it, but also to score an original gift for the fairer part of your family.

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