Experience Gift Voucher


The tunnel gift voucher will quickly solve the problem of how to surprise your loved ones.

In today’s materialistic world, many people don't admire real values. People compete in buying the most expensive present or clothing brands with the most visible logos. Have you ever considered that experience could be the best present? You will surely not ruin such a gift with a stray red sock left in your washing machine.

Are you wondering what to buy to a friend for his stag night? No, strippers are not in anymore and the future groom might easily become embarrassed or even feel more awkward than the dancing girl herself. How about flying as a gift? Isn't that what everyone has always dreamed of? It’s something you can't experience every day and driving a car with your head stuck out of the window is not the safest way to try out the feeling. The Gift Voucher is nicely wrapped in a black and yellow envelope, so it is suitable for any occasion.

Did you have an argument with your girlfriend and not know how to make it up to her? Buy her a Gift Voucher for our tunnel and allow her to clear her head. As a bonus, she will be left with an unforgettable experience. No, not every woman can be satisfied with red roses, but a ring, on the other hand... well, that's already a different story ☺.

Is your father an adrenaline enthusiast and you are looking for something safe but exciting at the same time? Tunnel flying is exactly the thing you are looking for! The Gift Voucher will certainly put a smile upon his face and after this experience; he will leave the tunnel with an even bigger smile.

You can also make your kids happy with our Gift Voucher. Who said they need the latest iPod? You can reward them for their success with a present that is truly special. And they will look like astronautsin the jumpsuit and helmet, so the experience will be twofold. In the tunnel, they will be taken care of by experienced coaches who will supervise them the whole time and you can have your coffee at the bar in peace and quiet.
Well, are you still wondering what to give your loved ones?

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