Corporate Culture vs. Hurricane – A Showdown


Many stopped viewing work only as an employment. We often spend more time with our colleagues than with our families. Therefore, employers should not forget that good performance can only occur where we feel good.

Corporate culture has come to the centre of interest of many experts but, generally speaking, we can say that it is predominantly the good relations in a workplace which are the foundations of good corporate culture. However, we are not the same and there is no such job where people would hit it off and be able to get along from the very first moment they meet. Compromises as well as the approach of employers play an important role. Here are three basic tips which could help you.
  1. Give your employees regular feedback. However, do not forget that the only workable criticism is the constructive criticism. You don't want to let your employee down, but to move him/her forward.
  2. Be frank with your employees and solve at least the basic corporate issues along with them. They do have right to know what's going on in the company and why.
  3. Forget the formalities from time to time and have some fun with your employees. Teambuildings are a great way to get closer. Get out of your offices and go for something exciting, such as the Hurricane.

Discover the Magic of Fight with Hurricane

We at Hurricane Factory know that corporate culture is very important, and therefore we also offer a fight with the hurricane tailored to companies. The offer includes indoor skydiving as well as entertainment planning and catering.

Try out our aerodynamic tunnel and see what it would be like to jump out of an airplane.
The engines used also in large airbus planes can produce the air velocity of up to 270 kilometres per hour, which is the speed of a real hurricane.

Suitable Even for the Biggest “Scaredy-cats”

The fear of heights shouldn't be underestimated, but there's nothing to fear of with Hurricane Factory. Our professional instructors will take care of you and your colleagues from the very beginning, they will explain you everything, accompany you in the flight chamber, and take care of your safety. You really do not have to be afraid of anything and if kids can do it, you can do it either! By the way, our camera system will record you during your skydiving, so you will get a recording which will remind you and your colleagues of the unique moments.

Adrenaline Full Service

And what then? Not only will we prepare an unforgettable thrilling experience for you, but we will also take care of the entertainment and your hungry bellies. Musical performance, acrobatic show right in the tunnel, buffet with the specialties of our chefs, and beverages – we will take care of everything.

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