Are You Afraid of Heights? Try Out Indoor Skydiving


Do you feel dizzy as soon as you place your foot on the second step of a ladder? Did you miss the view of the romantic Paris just because you were afraid to climb the highest storey of the Eiffel Tower? Do you admire such sports as climbing or parachuting, but you have never plucked up courage to try them out?

If your reply to these questions is „yes”, you are most probably afraid of heights. But good news is that you don't have to give up on your adrenaline dreams just because of your fears.

Imagine that your eyes are closed and that you're flying. You're hovering in the air, trying various acrobatic manoeuvres, but with the only difference. You're perfectly safe. Still not a clue what we are talking about? Welcome to indoor skydiving, which was originally developed as a training method for parachutists. Today, even children can enjoy it and this year we could take part in the first world championship which moved it from a free-time activity to the “real” sport drawer.

Skydiving vs. indoor skydiving

The difference between the classic skydiving and the indoor skydiving is that you don't need any parachute, there's a safety net under you, and the maximum flight height is 14 metres. Compared to the several hundreds of metres when you jump out of an airplane, this is more than a safe option. 

Indoor skydiving at Hurricane Factory is open to anyone, even to absolute beginners. Don't be afraid, you will not get to the 14m height at your first flight. A trained instructor who will accompany you during the entire time of your skydiving will decide the most suitable height for you.

You will also learn basics of the sign language

The initial instruction takes around half an hour. Besides special clothing, we will provide you also with the helmet and goggles. The instruction also includes the basic sign language because the tunnel is so noisy that you will not hear a word. Don't worry, even if you forget everything when the adrenaline floods your body there are the instructors who will take care of you. They will show you signs to bend legs, tilt your head back, and others.

If you are a beginner, you will only need one position. Before you enter the free fall simulator, you will put your hands on your chest, lift your head up and slowly lie down on the air flow.

Indoor skydiving is really a safe sport and who knows, maybe you fall in love with it and we will meet at the world indoor skydiving championship next year. :)

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