Tandem skydiving vs. wind tunnel


Flying in the tunnel and skydiving have relatively a lot in common. The same applies to free fall, jumpsuits or coaches.

However, what is considerably different is the price of the tandem skydiving. Usually, it ranges from EUR 130 to 150, including the training which is not different from the one for tunnel flying, rental of the jumpsuit and goggles as well as a short trip by plane up to the height of 4,000 meters.

Of course, the price of tandem skydiving also differs according to the age of the person who wants to "jump". Free fall is suitable for children aged 8 and above, with minimum height of 100 cm. There is one more important restriction; in particular, the applicant cannot weigh more than 100 kg.

There are a lot of advantages to the wind tunnel flying. The first one is the price, starting from EUR 40 per 2 minutes of free fall. If you jump out of the plane, the free fall usually does not last more than 1 minute. The price includes training, rental of jumpsuit, goggles and helmet.

Another significant advantage is that you can fly in a wind tunnel 365 days a year and it is not weather dependent. Also, it doesn't matter whether the applicant weighs 15 or 180 kg. Ok, in case of 180 kg, they have two coaches taking care of them.

The tunnel is also used by professional skydivers to learn and train new skills. However, there is one thing we cannot deny to jumping off the plane. It is the spectacular view. However, does anyone really notice when they're jumping for the first time? ☺In the tunnel, you will always see where you can fall. What is important is that if you don't do any of these sports professionally, you can rent everything, all you need to bring are the lace-up shoes and a t-shirt.

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