Master the basic flying position in several minutes


How does it work? That is probably one of the first questions crossing your mind when thinking about trying something new. Especially if it involves adrenaline. The free fall simulator really is an exceptional attraction, the one of its kind in Slovakia and neighbourhood.

At the beginning you need to book your flight. It doesn't matter if you come in person, call or send an e-mail. You have to consider that it takes about 90 minutes of your time. Upon arrival, you will complete the form about your health conditions and the adventure is ready to start.

The training itself takes up to one hour - depending on the number of your co-flyers. You will attend the training in the jumpsuit we will provide you with. You will also receive a helmet and goggles. What you need to bring with you are lace up trainers and a T-shirt or vest to wear under the jumpsuit.  There is a lot of noise in the free fall simulator or as we familiarly call it, the tunnel, so you can't hear your own word, exactly as in the airplane free fall. Therefore, you need to learn some basic signs.

Even if they're simple, the adrenaline causes a lot of people to forget them straight away standing in front of the tunnel. However, there is nothing to be afraid of; this is what the professional coaches are here for. Using their fingers, they will teach you signs such as: straighten / bend your legs, raise / tilt your head, calm down or time for a break.

One of the key moments is the very entry into the free fall simulator. Place your hands on your chest, raise your head and slowly - with the coach's help, lay down on the air stream with your belly down. The belly flying position is the basic and starting position. Subtly arch your lower back, your arms facing forward, slightly bent in elbows and hands almost touching several tens of centimetres in front of your face. Your legs are also slightly bent.

It is important to stay calm and not to flounce. There's no big deal, you are only going to fly. No looking back and trying to find your coach because any undesirable movement can cause you ending up in the net. You are never alone in the wind tunnel; your coach always keeps an eye on you and ensures that you enjoy your flight to the maximum.

After mastering the basic position, you will learn how to rotate sideways on your belly, and later also how to rise and fall. But beware! Flying in the tunnel may cause addiction :)

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