Adrenaline teambuidling – Cement your team in the wind tunnel


Do your employer among some of the luckier companies which can afford teambuilding sessions from time to time? Organizing such an event, it depends whether you plan it on a weekday, and therefore you want to be at home by midnight. Of course, it is better to plan it a Friday so that you can fully enjoy the company of your colleague even in a different situation than the professional one. A gathering with a glass of wine may be nice but it gets boring after a few times. It would be ideal to accompany it with some adrenaline attraction!

To be honest, almost everyone has already attended the go-karts, barbecue or similar creative forms of "bonding". How about trying the flight in an aerodynamic tunnel? This option will offer you several benefits. 

1. Finally something new and fresh

First contact with the tunnel is usually a unique experience for everyone. Let's be honest, you don't see a tunnel 14 meter high and 4.3 meter wide on every corner. And then, the excitement arrives only at the thought of flying in something like that! Not everyone can show off a photo in a jumpsuit with a helmet like in the Armageddon movie! Your adrenaline teambuilding is ready to start!

2. Sometimes, adrenaline connects people more than alcohol

There is only a small chance that all of your colleagues from the company have already flown. Usually, people get together, support and encourage each other in adrenaline sports and attractions. There is also an obligatory high-five after landing, as this is indeed a team affair. In a classic gathering, some only remember the first two hours, but the tunnel will provide you both with experiences and memories :)

3. Experience connected with gathering

Of course, when planning a teambuilding, we need to think about some refreshments as well. Yes, even the liquid ones. However, it is forbidden to fly under the influence of alcohol, not even at one's own risk, so the adrenaline experience comes first and then you can enjoy the rest. Hurricane Factory Tatralandia is an ideal place to combine the adrenaline teambuilding with a gathering with music and entertainment. 

4. Overcoming yourself

Not everyone has adrenaline on their plate on a daily basis. Some prefer relaxing with a book and steer clear of such activities. Adrenaline teambuilding may be the right place to overcome your own fears. If your colleagues know that you are afraid of such things, you may be sure that they will not flunk you, but the exact opposite - they will support and encourage you. You can't even imagine the good feeling that you did it and proved yourself that you can manage anything you set your heart on. 

5. You will clear your head

Just imagine that you're flying. Without wings but still, as a bird. You need a bit of concentration and self-control; however, you can rest assured that nothing can go wrong thanks to the coach and the things you remembered from the training. You just lay down on the wind wave and all your duties, the kids' chafed knees, cheques to pay tomorrow, will be lost. Basically, you are on your own with yourself and the time spent in the tunnel is all yours. It is a method of psychohygiene that everybody needs from time to time. So why don't you do it during an adrenaline teambuilding?

As a BONUS, you can have fun at your colleagues' expenses

Doctors say that laughter reduces the stress levels. Let's be frank, someone has to enter the tunnel as the first one. Of course, we are talking about the safe adrenaline attraction, so nothing can happen to anyone. At the most, you will leave with a light bruise which you won't even admit to your colleagues. The other group which is still waiting to get to the tunnel is watching what is going on. Most often with a sandwich or snack in their hands. Everyone enjoys a bit of "schadenfreude" and there is quite a lot of laughing stock because in the beginning, nothing goes as imagined. Even the biggest foes may bond over this when they have fun at the expense of a colleague who is trying to figure out what happens when he lifts his head. 
We are not trying to persuade you that the tunnel is the best place on Earth, even if we think so, but would you experience anything like this at a barbecue?

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