8 original gifts for him that will change his life


To surprise a person we care for might be more difficult than we think. There's still plenty of time to think about it, still plenty of time, and suddenly, the birthday is only three days away. This is usually the time when we, women, start to impetuously run around shopping centres looking for an original gift that will change his life. Or ours, for that matter. No, a soft toy from the petrol  station was not a good idea even when he was 18! Here are several tips how not to ruin your budget and to be a bit creative and witty at the same time. 

Wind tunnel flying gift voucher

Yes, this is what we call adrenaline! If your dearest likes unusual things, you just hit the nail on the head. If he doesn't have adrenaline running through his veins, he will probably have to cross his own shadow and show that he can pull it off easily. At this very moment, a lot of us would like to mischievously sit inside his head and see what's going on there. In any case, it is original, unique and as a bonus, he will receive the Flier Certificate! In the finale, he is left with and experience and you with the videos of him with a scared expression on his face.

Kitchen apron with witty printing

A gift which may be taken from both sides. If kitchen is not really his favourite place to be, maybe he will get the hint of this original gift and it will change the life of both of you.Inscriptions such as "Angel in the kitchen", "King of the stove" and the like may shut his eyes and he will understand that you only mean well. A buff body on an apron given to a not-so-fit man may turn out ironically, but why not have fun under any circumstances, after all. 

Wax depilation gift vouchers

Well... This is not the most original one but it will at least entertain you if nobody else. The truth is that regular shaving of chest or armpit hair takes its time, and the wax strip knows best what to do. Now you can stop wondering about the weird noises coming from the bathroom and he will definitely stop laughing. Especially if a nice young girl will take care of him. He will be too embarrassed to hesitate.

"How to understand your wife" training course

A training course is definitely an original gift that may change a man's life. Nowadays, there are a lot of different courses in offer. It's only up to you what you choose. If your husband still hasn't understood that the toilet paper does not grow in its holder by itself, or that it is really possible to avoid wetting the toilet floor, this might be the right thing. 

Sightseeing tour

A sightseeing tour is a sure-fire way how to please a man. Nobody said it has to be the ZOO in Zlín. Nowadays, you can also buy flight tickets to more distant countries at affordable prices. And let's be honest, there are several advantages of a one-way trip. You can have your rest and he might finally learn how to survive in the wild without the caring hand of his wife or mother. If you want to be even more original, add the kids into the package as well. 

Safe driving course

Do you have your own Schumacher at home? If he managed to stay safe so far, and keep you safe as well, here is the place where he can realize what can happen while overtaking before a curve and more. Don't worry, they are still far, my car is stronger than theirs. The road is not the place for proving anything. The car as such may be a weapon. We would like to include this gift among the original gifts for him; however it may actually change not only his life but the life of the whole family as well.

Beer-brewing course

Beer-lovers say that it's healthy. It might be true but it's also healthy to know your limits. Such courses have been available for a while now and after completing them, you can also brew this liquid gold at home. How original. However, we all know that some people can even burn a tea, so maybe this might be the way how to make your loved one give up his beer. The taste will change his life and you will save some money.


Even Cupid's arrow doesn't hit the target every time. This unique gift may be one of the nostalgic ones. As a child, did you use to make bows of flexible sprigs and twines and shoot here and there? You might have missed the target every time, but the joy was immense! This dream coming true or just a simple pleasure may change his life. Even the knights used to shoot with bow and arrow, why would your man not measure up to them?

BONUS: The Borat swimsuit

Well, this look will change the life for you and everyone around. This is a purely ironic and funny gift, so at best, it will be only for you to see. We have to admit that there are plenty better ideas how to present your dearest, but honestly, we guess he won't really wear a t-shirt with your photo and he probably doesn't really need another phone-case.

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