Flight simulator overcomes the limits of fitness and health


Wheelchair users often come across problems in the streets. Whether it's pavement, street curbs, subways. However, there is a place where they can measure up or even be better than healthy people. In the flight simulator!

When a healthy person enters the tunnel, they usually have a problem to keep their body 100 percent in the position as instructed by the coach. The wheelchair users turn their usual disadvantage - immobility of legs - into an advantage. There are always two coaches entering the flight simulator with the handicapped person, adjusting them in the basic position on their belly and check to keep everything right.  By not moving their legs, they are able to better maintain the position, enjoying the freedom.

Flight simulator is one of the few adrenaline sports also suitable for handicapped. They would probably not be able to enjoy go-karts or mountain climbing. The training is exactly the same as with healthy persons and there is an easy-access dressing room and WC right next to the entry into the flight chamber.

If you're healthy, however, let's say a bit lazy, or not in a very good shape, you can also enjoy the free fall. To be honest, even people in a good shape who are used to daily sweating in the gym usually feel sore after flying. The flight simulator is here for you even without lengthy preparations and restrictions to your weight and height. A person weighing 170 kg may enjoy the free fall and flying the same way as a kid of only 30 kg.

If you feel that your life is boring or you just need some more excitement, the flight simulator might be the right thing to raise your adrenaline.

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