HANGOVER - too many girls


Hangover Bazik Gyurcsik Vavra Project.These3 X-Factor hunks have not been idle for long and their debut - Too Many Girls - is out. Part of the music video was shot at the Hurricane Factory Tatralandia and Hurricane Factory Prague. Both the song and the video must be doing well, surely so many problems and bad luck can only mean success.
A lot of people have heard the story of Peťo Bažík, who went for a quick swim during a break and got bitten by a beaver. Afterwards, the staff had a difficult time persuading the girls not to be scared to jump into the water.
Also Matej Vávra had his share of bad luck, falling off a scooter with one of the girls. However, they went on bravely until the end,despite the girl’s injured leg.
The music video was christened by the busiest stars, Celeste Buckingham, Sisa Sklovská and Andrea Gavačová from Fremantle Media.

Thank you and here’s wishing them good luck!


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