Open Championships of wind tunnel flying for 2-man crews


Hurricane Factory Tatralandia

Registration fee:
For parachutists, members of SNA 120,-EUR per crew, ( 60€ per sport flyer )
For non-members SNA 140,-EUR per crew ( 70€ per sport flyer )

FRIDAY 18.1.2019
- registration open till 18:00
- 18:30 hod. technical conference and drawing of competition rounds
- 19:00 hod. Opening of MSR
- 19:30 hod. Fun flying* under the supervision of HF instructors – Tomáš Kuna and Pavol Urban - free for registered contest members.

*group flying (4 to 5 people) created according to individual flying skills and the number of attendands.

SATURDAY 19.1.2019 - contest day

REGISTRATION open till 14.1.2019.

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