Enjoy a water park or skiing and then fly in the Hurricane Factory with 30% off.



HURRICANE FACTORY TATRALANDIA is the only aerodynamic tunnel in Slovakia and in the wider area. You can try there how it feels to fly and float. Wind of up to 270 km per hour blows in a glass chamber with a diameter of 4.3 metres and the total tunnel length of 14 metres, which creates identical conditions to free-falling. However, our clients fly in a safe height and under the supervision of an experienced instructor. Flying in a tunnel is suitable for all physically healthy clients from 5 years of age. No previous experience or special preparation is required.


1. register at the reception;
2.  complete a short training and learn what you are going to do as well as basic flying principles in a tunnel (basic flying position, signals of communication with instructors etc.);
3. let us rent you protective clothing: a jumpsuit, glasses, a helmet (every client needs to bring only a comfortable T-shirt and lace-up shoes);
4.  enter a flight chamber with a professional instructor who helps you get into the air current and teaches you to control your body while flying;
5. after completing your first flight successfully, you will receive a certificate and also a video record or a photo of your unique experience if you wish.  

More details of the “Flying after skiing or a water park pays off” special offer:
30% discount on Wind Starter and Ride a Storm flights​;
The discount is available for all clients of the Hurricane Factory Tatralandia who show a valid receipt of their aqua pass (water park ticket) or a valid receipt of their 1-day or multiple-day ski pass at the reception. The discount is also available for holders of valid season ski passes and aqua passes.
Aqua passes from the water parks of Tatralandia and Gino Paradise Bešeňová and ski passes from the resorts of Jasná Nízke Tatry, Vysoké Tatry (Tatranská Lomnica, Štrbské Pleso, Starý Smokovec);
- the reduced rates can be used only within 7 calendar days after skiing or the water park visit;
special offers cannot be combined.

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