An Ordinary Flight in Extraordinary Hurricane Factory


All of us sometimes fly. Someone flies in the clouds, and someone in a tunnel. And since Hurricane Factory is not a pig in a bucket, or, sorry, in a poke, I will familiarise you with everything what awaits you and what you can now look forward to.

Signature of flyer’s statement

As early as when standing in front of our building, you will start to feel weird. The architecture of the building looks as if the NASA computer centre was inside. And do you know what? It is not the centre. Instead of it, there are nice people awaiting you at the reception who will fill in a flyer’s statement with you – it is a simple form on which you sign your consent to the flying rules and conditions.

Introduction to the instructor

At the reception you will meet your personal guru. He/she is an instructor, the flying hero and a cool person with whom you will certainly enjoy the entire flight. He/she will help you select the right equipment. We have all sizes starting from childrens up to seniors’, so no worries. You will need nothing, except for comfortable clothes and lace-up shoes. Nothing means literally nothing. No watches, scarves, jewellery or anything the strong blast of the wind could fly away


You will get the basic information you need to stay in the tunnel from the instructor. You will train the basic belly position and agree on signals you will use for communication in the tunnel. The average air speed in the tunnel is roughly 180 km/h so the entire communication between you and your instructor is through eye contact. It is said that you will never forget the first one.


Hero moment

After approximately 30 minutes of training, you are approaching the only aerodynamic tunnel in Slovakia, while carrying a helmet under armpits, and feeling exactly like this.


Pre-flight chamber

You will put plugs into your ears, get the last rites and lie to the wind. At that time there is the instructor with you and helps you move in the tunnel.
If you are able to keep the basic belly position, usually before the end of the flight the instructor will carry you to a taxi. It is the coolest part of flying when the instructor accompanies you in the entire tunnel which is even 14 metres high, practices rotations with you and shows you what real adrenaline is and how professionals fly.

Video analysis

And then? Then you will have a euphoric feeling and be in good humour. After completing the flight, you can immediately watch a video from your flight. The instructor will go through it with you. He/she will show you where you made mistakes and where we should iron out the kinks in the future.

Coffee break

And if you only need a cake and a coffee to have a perfect day, I invite you to our café. From the café you can watch other flyers and learn their technique.

On departure, do not forget to pick up a video recording and photographs from the flight which were shot by our professional cameras located directly in the tunnel.

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