Indoor Skydiving for Professionals

You have discovered an unusual, adrenaline and after all safe sport and fun for everyone! Come and try the feeling of freefall securely at a wind tunnel, at a comfortable height and constant supervision of professional instructors


Sportflight is designed for those who already have sufficient experience with indoor skydiving or with freefall and who are devoted to the sport of skydiving.

A professional flyer can be an experienced “skydiver”, a graduate of an AFF course or different freefall training, as well as an enthusiast without skydiving experience who passes our special course (30 minutes of Funflight under the supervision of our coach). Athletes must have their own equipment and coach. In case you don't have own coach we would like to offer you our Hurricane Academy-flying school. To book a Sportflight session, you need to register and login into our booking system, where you can select and book your times.
  Hurricane Factory  Hurricane Factory


Price list is valid till September 30, 2017.

Contact for sportflyers
Phone: +421 911 533 354

Hurricane Academy - flying school

We have prepared the first flying school - Hurricane Factory Academy – for you, in which we will teach you to fly safely only by means of your own body. Come and try with us how simple it is!
We will go through everything, from the basic signals through belly flying to some acrobatic elements.Flying in the wind tunnel is intended for all physically healthy people older than 5 years

Hurricane Academy price list *

Hurricane Academy Basic

10-minute flight, instruction, outfit lending, flight record, theoretical preparation and practical flying with a trainer

149 €

* Hurricane Academy price list is valid for those who has already completed the first flight in our tunnel. In case you still didn't try flying in the wind tunnel, please choose from the following packages.

Contact for skydivers and Proflyers

Phone: +421 911 533 352