They are here before, during and after you flight. Experienced coaches with tens of hours in the air. To make you feel good and ensure your safety they are taking their jobs very seriously. With them everything is possible. While you are riding an air wave, our team is always there to help you. Flying is a luxurious drug and if you decide to do it professionally, they will be there to teach you everything about pro flying.

Tomas Kuna
Chief instructor

If not actually flying in the tunnel, he is for sure riding a bike somewhere. He likes to learn new things and loves skydiving. But important is that he goes right to the point and saves your time. His friendly approach and modesty will break each barrier of fear of skydiving.

Instructors since September 2013

Tomas Koren

A blue-eyed and blonde haired lover of the mountains, nature, ski-alpinism and climbing. He likes everything with an engine and growling. Besides that, he is patient and friendly. His natural talents in this sport make him an ideal trainer for all skydiving levels. His ambition is to become the world champion in indoor skydiving

Instructor since June 2013

Ales Hrebik

A small man with a big heart. He loves to beat gravitation and, as a bonus, he is kind and friendly. He likes learning new things and was born with adrenaline in his blood. He is quick, accurate and uses unconventional procedures. Ideal for those who wish to skyrocket their progress.

Instructor since June 2013

Peter Lukac

One of those with a constant smile on his face and always with a baseball cap on the head. A professional easily recognisable in the tunnel, patient, nice and, what is more, willing. If you chose skydiving for the fun of it, then Peter is the right man! With humour and patience, Peter will teach to skydive even “lubbers”.

Instructor since June 2013

Peter Brtis

A witty, kind, nice and communicative. He doesn't know any obstacles and always tries new things which are connected with adrenaline of course. Have you chosen skydiving because you wanna be free-cool-in? Great! Peter will tell you how to combine this sport with your life style. There is one thing which makes him the first among instructors, and it is the number of tattoos.

András Turcsan

He comes from neighboring Hungary and he is also our linguistic support. And what is his answer to the question why is he doing it ?
"I have a simple answer for that question: for a Smile. My biggest motivation is to find the most successful way to teach somebody to fly, because everybody is different so I have to personalize my coaching. Every time, when I take a group of fun flyers or just coach a skydiver my goal is to see them happy and smiling. It is the best thing that can happen with me while I am working."

Ivan Majling

Hockey Stick as everyone calls him is a sympathetic, kind and friendly personality. He likes having fun and learning new things. He is patient and responsible in flights with children.

Marek Golúch

Sympatický, milý, trpezlivý a vždy usmiaty človek, ktorého životnou filozofiou je pohyb vo všetkých podobách. Má rad hory, prírodu a vyskúša všetko čo posunie jeho hranice adrenalínu. Popri lietaní v tuneli sa venuje kondičnému trénovaniu a zdravému životnému štýlu. Pri svojej práci využíva pedagogické vedomosti, ktoré nadobudol počas štúdia a ku každému jedincovi pristupuje individuálne, aby splnil jeho očakávania.

Lukaš Buček

U nás v tuneli prezývaný Kečub (pre spätný pohľad na jeho priezvisko, nie preto, že by mal nejako zvlášť túto potravinu v obľube) je ďalším z rady našich sympatických inštruktorov. Okrem lietania v tuneli je aj vášnivým turistom, milovníkom rockovej hudby a tiež dobrodruhom. Jeho cesta k nám išla cez Bratislavu, Nepál, Thajsko a Vietnam, až napokon spokojnosť našiel tu v Liptovskom Mikuláši. A my sme spokojní tiež.

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