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Face up to the Hurricane. Discover flying in the wind tunnel

Hurricane Factory Tatralandia is the first aerodynamic tunnel constructed in Slovakia. The tunnel is designed to experience jumping from an airplane. The glass flight chamber is 14 m high and 4.3 m wide. Massive motors are able to generate air flow of up to 270 km per hour inside the tunnel what is the speed of the real hurricane. But you are flying at a safe altitude and under constant supervision of an experienced instructor. Flying in the wind tunnel is for every physically healthy person older than 4 years.

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Your instructors

Tomas Koren

Modrooký blonďák miluje hory, prírodu, skialpinizmus a tiež lezenie. Má rád všetko čo má motor a vrčí. Okrem toho je trpezlivý a priateľský. Jeho prirodzený talent v tomto športe ho robí ideálnym trénerom pre všetky úrovne lietania. Má ambície stať sa Majstrom sveta v Indoor skydivingu.

Ales Hrebik

A small man with a big heart. He loves to beat gravitation and, as a bonus, he is kind and friendly. He likes learning new things and was born with adrenaline in his blood. He is quick, accurate and uses unconventional procedures. Ideal for those who wish to skyrocket their progress.

Peter Brtis

A witty, kind, nice and communicative. He doesn't know any obstacles and always tries new things which are connected with adrenaline of course. Have you chosen skydiving because you wanna be free-cool-in? Great! Peter will tell you how to combine this sport with your life style. There is one thing which makes him the first among instructors, and it is the number of tattoos.

András Turcsan

Air is his element. Before skydiving, he did kiteboarding. He is friendly, ambitious and jolly. If you feel that you can never learn flying, Jakup will convince you of the opposite and he will do it in four languages – German, English, French and Polish.

Ivan Majling

Hockey Stick as everyone calls him is a sympathetic, kind and friendly personality. He likes having fun and learning new things. He is patient and responsible in flights with children.

Lukaš Buček

U nás v tuneli prezývaný Kečub (pre spätný pohľad na jeho priezvisko, nie preto, že by mal nejako zvlášť túto potravinu v obľube) je ďalším z rady našich sympatických inštruktorov. Okrem lietania v tuneli je aj vášnivým turistom, milovníkom rockovej hudby a tiež dobrodruhom. Jeho cesta k nám išla cez Bratislavu, Nepál, Thajsko a Vietnam, až napokon spokojnosť našiel tu v Liptovskom Mikuláši. A my sme spokojní tiež.

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