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Face up to the Hurricane. Discover flying in the wind tunnel

Hurricane Factory Tatralandia is the first aerodynamic tunnel constructed in Slovakia. The tunnel is designed to experience jumping from an airplane. The glass flight chamber is 14 m high and 4.3 m wide. Massive motors are able to generate air flow of up to 270 km per hour inside the tunnel what is the speed of the real hurricane. But you are flying at a safe altitude and under constant supervision of an experienced instructor. Flying in the wind tunnel is for every physically healthy person older than 4 years.

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Your instructors

Tomas Kuna

If not actually flying in the tunnel, he is for sure riding a bike somewhere. He likes to learn new things and loves skydiving. But important is that he goes right to the point and saves your time. His friendly approach and modesty will break each barrier of fear of skydiving.

Ales Hrebik

A small man with a big heart. He loves to beat gravitation and, as a bonus, he is kind and friendly. He likes to learn new things and was born with adrenaline in his blood. He is fast, accurate and uses atypical methods. Ideal for those who want to make fast progress.

Peter Brtis

Funny, nice, and communicative. Overcomes all obstacles and always tries new adrenaline-related activities. Chosen skydiving because you want to be cool? Great! Peter will show you how to combine this sport with your lifestyle. His number of tattoos sets him apart from other instructors.

András Turcsan

Air is his element. Before skydiving, he did kiteboarding. He is friendly, ambitious and jolly. If you feel that you can never learn flying, Jakup will convince you of the opposite and he will do it in four languages – German, English, French and Polish.

Ivan Majling

Hokejka (hockey stick) as everyone calls him is nice and friendly. He likes to have fun and learn new things. He is patient and responsible when flying with kids.

Marek Golúch

A friendly, nice, patient, and smiling guy, whose life philosophy is movement in all forms. He likes mountains and nature, and will do anything for an adrenaline surge. Besides tunnel flying, he works as a fitness trainer and healthy lifestyle coach. He uses his pedagogical knowledge and approaches each person individually to meet their expectations.

Lukaš Buček

“Kečub” (not that he is particularly into ketchup, it is just his family name spelled backwards) is another super nice instructor. Apart from tunnel flying, he is also a passionate hiker, rock music lover, and adventurer. He came to us via Bratislava, Nepal, Thailand, and Vietnam, until he finally found happiness here in Liptovský Mikuláš. And we’re happy too.

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