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Face up to the Hurricane. Discover flying in the wind tunnel

Hurricane Factory Tatralandia is the first aerodynamic tunnel constructed in Slovakia. The tunnel is designed to experience jumping from an airplane. The glass flight chamber is 14 m high and 4.3 m wide. Massive motors are able to generate air flow of up to 270 km per hour inside the tunnel what is the speed of the real hurricane. But you are flying at a safe altitude and under constant supervision of an experienced instructor. Flying in the wind tunnel is for every physically healthy person older than 4 years.

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Your instructors

Tomas Kuna

If not actually flying in the tunnel, he is for sure riding a bike somewhere. He likes to learn new things and loves skydiving. But important is that he goes right to the point and saves your time. His friendly approach and modesty will break each barrier of fear of skydiving.

Peter Lukac

Always has a smile on his face and a cap on their head. A professional easily recognisable in the tunnel, patient, pleasant, and helpful. You’ll have lots of flying fun with Peter. He teaches with humour and patience.

Peter Brtis

Funny, nice, and communicative. Overcomes all obstacles and always tries new adrenaline-related activities. Chosen skydiving because you want to be cool? Great! Peter will show you how to combine this sport with your lifestyle. His number of tattoos sets him apart from other instructors.

Patrik Húšťa

This instructor, who literally landed at our doorstep from the skiing world wearing our overall is not only a piloting enthusiast but also loves each and every sport that makes your blood pressure go higher and heart rate faster. Patrik, nicknamed Húštis is a positive fellow who loves to share his energy with everyone around him.

Ivan Majling

Hokejka (hockey stick) as everyone calls him is nice and friendly. He likes to have fun and learn new things. He is patient and responsible when flying with kids.

Lukaš Buček

“Kečub” (not that he is particularly into ketchup, it is just his family name spelled backwards) is another super nice instructor. Apart from tunnel flying, he is also a passionate hiker, rock music lover, and adventurer. He came to us via Bratislava, Nepal, Thailand, and Vietnam, until he finally found happiness here in Liptovský Mikuláš. And we’re happy too.

Róbert Bodó

Robin has been an avid skydiver since his age of 15, who loves to meet new people. He has an eye for detail, most importantly in regards to safety. Always relaxed, friendly and with a healthy appetite to have fun and get his adrenaline going. If you ever feel down, come visit us and fly with Robin. He'll show you what it means to live life to the fullest.

Marek Portašík

Young, kind and friendly, these are the qualities that would describe Marek. If he's not currently flying in the tunnel, he's playing with a parachute high in the sky or riding a bicycle in the mountains. He has been charmed by flying at a very early age. He was already an active skydiver during his time at high school and he isn't planning to give up on it any time soon.

Ivan Solár

Ivan, always having a smile on his face, is an instructor by heart, he loves skiing, snowboarding, indoor surfing and most importantly, indoor flying. He's serious about his job responsibilities but never forgets to have fun while at it. That's why one of his life goals is to earn his living with his hobbies, which is currently working out for him.

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