How Much Does it Cost to Fly in a Wind Tunnel?


Adrenaline can be really addictive.  We all like strong feelings and emotions, and for that reason, we seek out ways to feel them, whether from a scary movie or even going bungee jumping.  And we’re sure that, if you’re reading this, it’s because you also like those things. 
But clearly, you’re not going to deny that one of the most adrenaline-producing activities is caused by gravity, that force which unrelentingly attracts us back to the ground when we dare to distance ourselves from it, and we expose ourselves to its powerful forces. 

Maybe you don’t know exactly what we mean, but you just have to think about that tingling that you get in your stomach when you get to the highest point on a roller coaster and you descend at full speed for a few meters.  Or maybe you have lowered yourself off a bridge, and then you would also know that the sensation of falling is very intense. 
At any rate, the king of adrenaline is the free fall.  There are many people who, in search of a really extreme experience, have taken a liking to skydiving.  But it must be said that this is not activity suitable for everyone, or every wallet, since it requires good physical and mental health, even with the many safety measures taken, and it’s not recommended for people with different heart conditions or those under 16 years old.  Also, there is a larger economic investment needed to experience the sensations of skydiving since you need to go up in an airplane, and except for experienced skydivers, you also need an instructor to accompany you on the jump, in addition to renting the necessary equipment. 

 How Much Do You Pay for the Best Adrenaline Sensation?

Relax, you don’t need to ascend to an altitude of thousands of meters and jump into the void to experience the best adrenaline sensation.  You can also enjoy the thrill of free fall in wind tunnel, which is much better than a roller coaster or going bungee jumping, and it’s much safer and more affordable than the choice of skydiving. 

At our wind tunnel in Madrid, we offer you one of the best experiences that will enjoy in your whole life, because you will fly like a superhero and you will do so in way that is as safe as a baby in its cradle. 
The HurricaneFactory wind tunnel in Madrid is of the largest diameter in all of Spain, with a glass chamber 5.2 meters wide and 12 meters tall, so you can enjoy your flight without limits, and you’ll feel like you’re floating among the clouds. 
In addition, on your flights you will be accompanied by our expert instructors who will help you to spread your wings, and they will guide you to make the most of this unique experience. 
But we haven’t gotten to the best part, because surely you are wondering if the experience of flying in a wind tunnel is expensive.  And you may have seen the rates for wind tunnels of this type in Spain, which are usually about 50 euros per minute, or about 200 euros for larger ten minute packages.
And we, at HurricaneFactory Madrid, want to welcome you and offer you this great experience at the best price that you could imagine.  For the occasion of our next opening, we got rid of our prices and we can offer you a pre-opening voucher so you can enjoy 3 minutes divided into two flights for only 58 euros.  And if you’re really into flying and want to unleash all of your adrenaline, we also have something for you: our pre-opening voucher for 60 minutes for just 550 euros. 
Remember, these offers are available for a limited time, and they also include the training and support of our professional instructors, and the rental of all equipment that you will need to fly like a real expert. 
So don’t wait any longer and sign up for the best wind tunnel flight experience at HurricaneFactory Madrid.  We are waiting for you!

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