They are here before, during and after you flight. Experienced coaches with tons of hours in the air. To make you feel good and ensure your safety they are taking their jobs very seriously. With them everything is possible. While you are riding an air wave, our team is always there to help you. Flying is aN UNIQUE EXPERIENCE and if you decide to do it professionally, they will be there to teach you everything about pro flying.


A Toledo instagramer, green shoes as a personal signature, candidate to employee of the month every month.


If he could live inside the tunnel, he would do it, he says he is Argentinian although we do not see him drinking mate.


Future President of the Spanish firemen, the junior of the Hurricane Factory family.


Member of the National Canopy Piloting Team, although his secret passion is to clean the tunnel windows (we know everything)


100% professional, deep inside is a Latin Lover with green eyes.


We no longer remember his real name, if you are curious ask him the origin of his nickname.


Our most gueek instructor, we dont undertand half of what he says but he seems nice and flyes awesome!

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