Take on the hurricane!

HURRICANE FACTORY Madrid is for it's diameter the biggest wind tunnel in Spain.

Here you can find out what it's like to fly your body in the air. In a glass flight chamber, 5.2 meters in diameter and with a height of 12m, air flows at a speed of up to 270 km/hour, which is the speed of a real hurricane. But you will be flying at a safe height and under the constant supervision of an experienced instructor. It is intended for everyone starting from the age of 5.

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Your instructors


Our Chief Instructor, the amazing Jonas Krasa



A Toledo instagramer, green shoes as a personal signature, candidate to employee of the month every month.




Future promise of this sport,one of the juniors of the Hurricane Factory family.




Our super daddy instructor. Skydiver by day, tunnel instructor during the afternoon, seamstress and babysitter at night.




If he could live inside the tunnel, he would do it!




One of our new instructors, although he had already been with us for more than 2 years working in reception!



He lives half his life in a tunnel and the other half skiing in the mountains. 




Our most geek instructor, we dont undertand half of what he says but he seems nice and flyes awesome!




Our newest instructor. He makes everyone fly without even getting his hairstyle messed up. 


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