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We take care of you before, during and after your flight. As guest in our bistro, Funflyer or tunnel-pro - we  love what we do and take our work seriously. hurricane factory is looking forward to seeing you!

Alessandra Borello

Hobbies: Travelling, rollerskating, skydiving
Motto: Relax, nothing is under control!

Andrej Varchola
Managing director

Anna Galperin

Our smiling Anna Galperin. Open, life-loving, artistic, multicultural... First timer or a sportsflyer, everyone receives a lot of positive energy and good advice.

Anna is a skydiver since 2006 with over 3000 jumps. Her main disciplines practiced are Free Flying, Angle Flying, Dynamic Flying and videography. In the tunnel, she has more 40 hours of experience..

Anna´s training as an Alignment Yoga teacher and background in dance will guide you to prepare your body and mind adequately for flying.
She can coach you in German, English, Hebrew, Russian, and if you tell her in advance she will refresh her French, Spanish and Italian...

Sebastian "Basti" Wulsch

This is Basti. He is part of the skydiving community since 2009. In 2012, he took part in the German nationals with only 350 jumps but managed to become third in the rookie class in freefly.

Since then, he did not only do more than 2000 jumps but he also became German national champion in the intermediate class in freefly in 2016. Freefly is his favorite discipline and head up is his favorite flying position.

So it is not surprising that he was part of the European Head Up Record and also participated in the first German Head Up Record.
He loves to teach you how to fly and make you progress in the air. Let´s fly and make head up great again.

Jakub "Chicco" Weck

Chicco is a real sports talent. He not only used to teach snowboarding, surfing, kitesurfing and snowkiting before he started to work in the wind tunnel, he also likes to do all different kinds of extreme sport in his free time and travel the world.

And the best part: he is is the most patient coach you could imagine and he can also coach you in various languages.

Kater Pudenz

Hobbies: Skydiving, Dancing, Yoga, Contorsion, Pole Dance, Longboarding, Climbing, Surfing, Travelling, Hiking, Art
Motto: Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality. - chesire cat -Lewis Carroll

Lukáš Vrtich

Lukas started working in Tatralandia in 2016 but made it to Berlin just in time for the opening. With more than 50 hours of tunnel time and lots of experience in teaching fun flyers and pro flyers, he will make you feel at home in our tunnel.
Lukas is not only a passionate flyer, he is also interested in any kinds of outdoor sports like skiing, climbing and hiking. Plus, he has a thing for funny socks. So if you are looking for a cool instructor, Lukas is there for you.

Marc Wegner

Every team needs a nerd and Marc is ... NOT (but he desperately believes he is, so please don't tell him). We love him dearly, he is the CONSCIOUSNESS of our team :).

When he is not flying with our first timers or not coaching our pro-flyers, he ensures that all IT-related things are working properly. And he makes sure that the coffee machine has always something to do. Marc is always available to answer your questions about tunnel flying. His six years of experience in skydiving definitely make him a very good source of information about that amazing sport as well. Up to today he is clocking in about ten hours of flying in the tunnel and heaps of first timers on top of that. His most favorite non-flying activity is watching movies in the cinema. And, as a very responsible person, he does it almost every week. And... he loves food. Especially sweets, OMNOMNOM! Marc will introduce you into the flying world always with a smile and a vast portion of fun.

Mario Scheffler

Hobbies: Motocross, skydiving, pyrotechnics
Motto: They all come down, the ones faster, the others healthy

Sebastian Robak

Basti loved flying since day one. That’s why it is not surprising that he already went to an airport at the age of 13, started skydiving when he was only 15 and now works in the wind tunnel.

He got his skydiving license when he was 16 and has more than 1500 jumps until today. His biggest passion is freeflying and canopy piloting.
His extraordinary feeling for the air flow makes it easy for him to teach and explain to his students how to fly, no matter if fun flyer or pro flyer.

And what is he up to when he is not flying? He is an exquisite chef, likes to travel with friends or cruise around with his scooter, snowboard or skateboard. Are you keen to fly with Basti? You should now know where to find him.


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