Hurricane Factory is a company established in 2012. Since then it provides a possibility of a unique experience of human body flight, also known as indoor skydiving or bodyflight.

Our History

The first wind tunnel operating under this brand is located on the suburbs of Prague, Czech Republic. It was build by a Czech engineering company Strojirny Litvinov as their first wind tunnel in 2011. It was a successful project and the tunnel is not just still operating, but getting busier every year.

Strojirny Litvinov cooperates with Hurricane Factory from its very beginning
Strojirny Litvinov company is an expert in engineering industry in the domain of conventional and CNC metal working. Since the construction of the wind tunnel in Prague, its reach began to grow within whole Europe. Now their tunnels are operating also in Belgium, France, Russia, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland and others are being built in Germany, Poland and Italy.


From 2013 to 2017

In 2013, after the tunnel in Prague, Hurricane Factory opened another one. This time in Slovakia., It is located right next to a large water fun complex and it is surrounded by High and Low Tatras and other majestic mountains. That is why it was given a name Tatralandia.

In 2017, Hurricane Factory opened two more tunnels. One in Berlin, Germany and the other in Madrid, Spain. These two differ from the others not just by the newest technology and design, but also by their size. The round glass flying chamber of the earlier tunnels was 4.3m (14ft) in diameter. The two new tunnels have a flying chamber with a diameter of 5.2m (17ft).

Apart the operating of wind tunnels, Hurricane Factory also organizes many indoor skydiving events and competitions. One to point out is "Knights of Prague", world class event in dynamic 4way flying which happened in 2013. This competition certainly helped to set up a professional level for indoor skydiving competitions and supported a grow of dynamic flying as a new indoor skydiving discipline.

Another big event held by Hurricane Factory was the 1st FAI World Indoor Skydiving Championships which happened in 2015. It was the first tunnel world championships organized under The World Air Sports Federation FAI. And we are especially proud of the fact that Hurricane Factory athletes (who work, learn and teach flying at Hurricane Factory) took part in all five disciplines – Formation Skydiving, Vertical Formation Skydiving, Freestyle, Dynamic 4way & 2way.

Hurricane Factory supports many flyers and teams. Some of those who started and learned how to fly in our tunnels are now considered a part of world’s flying elite. Others just fly for fun and joy or to experience something new and different.




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