zero to hero
“Straight after my first flight, I was convinced that flying is the right thing for me.”
If you feel the same after your first flights in the tunnel, then you are exactly right with us.

To get started, you should invest some time to feel safe in the tunnel and to be able to work on your skills on your own. You can expect an average of 30 minutes.
This is why we created our product “Hurricane Academy Advanced”.

HURRICANE Academy Advanced  -  30 minutes of flying time, which can be divided freely.
We recommend 10 minutes of tunnel time on one day, one to two times a week.
During this time, you will learn to control all the basics of flying with the help of one of our instructors.

The product includes everything you need for a start:
  • equipment (suit, helmet, goggles)
  • detailed instructions
  • 10 minutes of flying time (divided into 5 flights with 2 min of flying time each, always with a short break in between so that you can watch the video analysis)                                                      

As soon as your instructor is convinced of your skills, you can go to the next level.
Congratulations - you are a sport flyer now and you can work on your flying skills on your own. From now on, you don`t need an instructor anymore and you can buy your sport flying time within our booking system, share it, book your slots and come to us for some sweet flying.

Sport flight price overview :
  • 1 hour flying time:  819,- Euro
  • Up from 5 hours: 739,- Euro/h
  • Up from 10 hours: 689,- Euro/h
For sure you can always book one of our instructors additionally or you can participate in one of the camps with other coaches. Make sure to check our event calendar or our facebook group for sport flyers.

Besides: for sport flyers, the price is not calculated per person. Of course, various experienced flyers can share their time by flying in our XXL tunnel together to share the costs.
productflying timeshareableinstructorpriceprice/min
Storm3 minutesnoincluded79 €26,30 €
Academy Basic10 minutesnoincluded199 €19,90 €
Academy Advanced30 minutesyesincluded499 €16,60 €
Sport flying time/ 1h60 minutesyesnot included819 €13,56 €


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