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Turn your colleagues or business partners out of everyday
life, combine seminars and sports in an exciting way!

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Turn your colleagues or business partners out of everyday
life, combine seminars and sports in an exciting way!

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If you’re planning an off-site business meeting, seminar, or team event, Hurricane Factory offers the perfect mix of an amazing location and unique experience for your team and business partners. Whether you are organising a conference, a small team meeting, or a company-wide event, we can accommodate up to 270 people.

Our flight and viewing areas are located on the main floor and, together with the bistro, can welcome up to 150 people. Our separated function room holds up to 120 people. Small groups will receive their own areas of designation and bigger groups can rent the entire facility.



To make sure your event is a complete success, feel free to use our event
checklist, site plan and route description downloadable free of charge.


Main Floor – place of wonder

  • Area of 220 m²
  • Reception desk, wind tunnel, grand stand, bistro, changing room, and briefing room are located here
  • Direct view of the flight chamber for all visitors thanks to the open and glazed interior
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Function Room – private lounge

  • Area of 90 m² that holds up to 120 people depending on the seating arrangement
  • Overlooks the wind tunnel, with a perfect view into the flight chamber
  • Equipped with all the necessary technical equipment for an event
  • Catering on request
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Bistro – delicious goodness

  • Room for around 50 people
  • Located right next to the flight chamber
  • Offers a variety of meals and beverages
  • Catering available for bigger groups, ranging from fingerfood to sophisticated meals
  • Events including a DJ or band possible on request

Terrace – fresh air

  • Area of 60m²
  • Located on the fourth floor
  • Bookable on request (e.g. buffets)
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Soundsystem – feel the groove

We have a PA system on our main floor consisting of:

  • 2 x sub bass, each 1,000 Watt
  • 4 x top, total of 700 Watt
  • Balanced inputs for DJ/stereo

The function room has a separate soundsystem.

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Flight Times – tame the Hurricane

  • Total flight time depends on group size
  • Flight time per person is normally 3 min (two 1.5 min flights)
  • Reducible to 2-3 min for events, i.e. 20-30 guests per hour
  • Our recommendation: the 6 minute package (four 1.5 min flights)
  • Prices vary depending on group size, type of event, and additional services, such as catering and equipment
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Price list

ProductPrice per hourDescription
Office 601.299€ per hour60 min. flight time, up to 20 persons, min.3 min. p.p.
Office 1801.249€ per hour180 min. flight time, up to 60 persons, min.3 min. p.p.
Office 3001.199€ per hour300 min. flight time, up to 100 persons, min.3 min. p.p.

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